Wednesday, December 31, 2008

End of Year Thoughts

As we are about to launch into a new year, I consider what has happened within 2008.

In this last year, I moved on from running high profile events. My focus was moved to my family and how I could help others on a more individual basis.

For years prior to 2008, I had wondered how I, as Peter Pixie, would help others. It was during this searching I came across others who dress up in costumes and go out into their communities to make a difference.

From this, I was able to transisition Peter Pixie into a Costumed Activist. It took a while to come to a complete understanding of what this meant. And in truth, I probably still am working it out.

In 2008, we saw more mainstream media coverage from places like Fox news and Rolling Stone of the RLSH movement. 'Movement.' Is it a movement? I dont know. But my instincts tell me more and more people will take up a costume and go out to do good for the world around them.

The League Of Costumed Activists Local 42 is always looking for those who want to help. In 2009, our first mission will be Operation: Care Kit 500. Starting early January, I will be posting everywhere what we are looking for and I hope you all will be open to helping us.

Happy New Year to one and all!

Peter Pixie

Sunday, December 28, 2008

New NEW logo!

Here's your first look at the new L.O.C.A.L 42 logo, as revealed by Mr. Pixie today. Note the change of the wording from Adventurers to Activists, and the swank new hat.

Also, Peter and I are formally announcing that HOUR 42, our one-hour talk show dealing with the heroes we follow and the heroes among us, will be premiering LIVE NEXT SUNDAY, Jan. 4, at 8PM Pacific time. News, views and all sorts of stuff you can't afford to lose out on. Tune in on and follow us at our BTR profile page. Stay tuned, True Believers!

-- El Secreto

Saturday, October 18, 2008

New Logo

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The logo has been made. I shall endeavor to get it up on this blog soon. El Secreto and I have been discussing Hour 42's format and content. Come November 1 we will work on the pilot episode. :)

I've discussed with a couple of people locally about joining LOCAL 42. However, I don't really FEEL it from them. This will take a bit of work, I think.

Actual Peter Pixie 'Activist' wear has been bouncing around in my head. I have many costumes already but they do not lend themselves to 'Hero' work. A Lycra top has been coming to mine a lot. If we go that route, we need a bit more work on the midriff.

The costume will be my next focus as it is also the next topic in the book to be written about.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

The plans for the launching of L.O.C.A.L. 42 is coming together.
Current projects:
An Official Guide to Costume Adventuring
BlogTalkRadio show: HOUR 42
Develop both a local group as well as possibly a west coast group via El Secreto

The goal of bringing all of those projects together is to establish a firm base. Starting in January, we begin Operation Butterfly Effect. As 'Costumed Activists' we will be able to help bring attention to issues that need light shed upon them.

We will be discussing how this all comes together in future posts.