Wednesday, December 31, 2008

End of Year Thoughts

As we are about to launch into a new year, I consider what has happened within 2008.

In this last year, I moved on from running high profile events. My focus was moved to my family and how I could help others on a more individual basis.

For years prior to 2008, I had wondered how I, as Peter Pixie, would help others. It was during this searching I came across others who dress up in costumes and go out into their communities to make a difference.

From this, I was able to transisition Peter Pixie into a Costumed Activist. It took a while to come to a complete understanding of what this meant. And in truth, I probably still am working it out.

In 2008, we saw more mainstream media coverage from places like Fox news and Rolling Stone of the RLSH movement. 'Movement.' Is it a movement? I dont know. But my instincts tell me more and more people will take up a costume and go out to do good for the world around them.

The League Of Costumed Activists Local 42 is always looking for those who want to help. In 2009, our first mission will be Operation: Care Kit 500. Starting early January, I will be posting everywhere what we are looking for and I hope you all will be open to helping us.

Happy New Year to one and all!

Peter Pixie