Sunday, February 01, 2009

And representing El Secreto ...

Now that you've heard from Mr. Pixie, here's who I have taking the field for me this Sunday on HOUR 42!

Coach: The Doctor (IDW)
From my personal blog: How about nearly 1,000 years of experience leading the squad? How about knowledge spanning a whole cosmos? How about a cute female assistant coach? How about the ability to pluck plays from anywhere in time? How about the ultimate motivator?

Quarterback: Captain America (Marvel)
This ain't your father's Sentinel of Liberty. James Buchanan Barnes -- Bucky if you're nasty (or stupid) -- did a ton of bad during his life as the Winter Soldier, but he's determined to make up for it while living up to the greatest mantle this side of Krypton, inherited from Steve Rogers himself. After starring in an excellent series by Ed Brubaker, look for the new Cap to step it up as the leader of the New New Avengers.

Wide Receivers: Spider-Man (Marvel) & Invincible (Image)
My two receivers symbolize the proud tradition of teenage superheroes. Spidey, of course, brings the smart-ass every time out, along with the powers we all know and love (does whatever a spider can, as the song goes). He's joined by young Mark Grayson, a hero I feel maintains the "everyday superhero" tradition while starring in his own, unheralded, series. Of course, Invincible is no slouch in the powers department -- think Superboy with more street sense.

Running Back: The Hulk (Marvel)
You really don't want to make him angry. For the most punishing position on the field, I went with, quite simply, The Strongest There Is. The Green Goliath has shattered cities, terrorized the Marvel U., and conquered planets. The JSA can bring all the powers it likes, but nobody is better at the smash-mouth (and head, and legs, and arms, and whatever else) style than ol' Jade Jaws.

Defense: The X-Men (Marvel)
Who better to hold the line than the team -- the family -- that has held the line for its' own species for more than three decades? With the Avengers in tatters, and now firmly established in San Francisco, Scott Summers has pulled the Children of the Atom into position as Marvel's best team.

So, which team will emerge victorious? YOU make the call -- TONIGHT, on HOUR 42!