Sunday, February 01, 2009

Peter Pixie's DC Hero Football team

For my team coach I'm going with RIP HUNTER - TIME MASTER!

Rip Hunter spent his entire adult life preparing for enemies a time traveler would face. Fearing that someone might try to travel back in time and kill him as a child, he hid his true name, birthplace, and other details from the public. "Rip Hunter" is, in fact, an alias.

As the inventor of time travel technology in the Post-Crisis universe, Hunter aided heroes Booster Gold and Animal Man in their own time-traveling adventures before taking on the vast Illuminati conspiracy. Hunter was eventually stranded in the prehistoric past.

Returning to the present by unknown means, Hunter began protecting earth's heroes from time-traveling villains.

Quarter Back: Captain Atom
Captain Atom was Nathaniel Christopher Adam, a United States Air Force officer of the Vietnam War era. Adam had been framed for a crime he didn't commit and sentenced to death under the watch of Col. Wade Eiling in 1968. As an alternative to execution, he was invited to participate in a military experiment with little chance of survival, in exchange for a presidential pardon.


  • Dilustel Armor
  • Quantum Field Manipulation
  • Flight: This energy can be used for flight at light speed.
  • Superhuman Strength
  • Self-Sustenance: Has no need for food, water or air.
  • Matter Generation
  • Enhance Abilities
  • Atomic Transmutation
  • Techno Interface
  • Time Travel
  • Invulnerability

Wide Receiver: J'onn J'onzz the Martian Manhunter

J'onn J'onzz is accidentally teleported to Earth by a human scientist, Dr. Erdel, who immediately has a heart attack and dies, leaving the Martian stranded and unable to return.[2] He is able to use his powers to fit in, adopting a human-like appearance and calling himself "John Jones". He joins the police force, secretly using his alien powers to help the inhabitants of his new planet.


Wide Receiver: Diana of Themyscira, Wonder Woman

Diana was the daughter of Queen Hippolyta, the first child born on Paradise Island in the three thousand year history that the immortal Amazons lived there. The Amazons had been created around 1200 B.C. when the Greek goddesses drew forth the souls of all women who had been murdered by men. One soul was left behind, the one that would be born as Diana.


Running Back: Wally West, The Flash
During Crisis on Infinite Earths, when Barry Allen was killed, an anti-matter ray hit Wally West full force. While it knocked his speed down to that of sound, it also removed the malady that caused him intense pain. Wally took Barry's uniform and declared himself the Flash, just until Barry returned.


Defensive Line:

THE Justice Society of America
Current members:

Amazing-Man, Citizen Steel, Cyclone, Damage, Doctor Mid-Nite (Pieter Cross), Flash (Jay Garrick), Green Lantern (Alan Scott), Hawkman (Carter Hall), Hourman (Rick Tyler), Jakeem Thunder, Liberty Belle (Jesse Chambers), Lightning (Jennifer Pierce), Judomaster (Birds of Prey), Mister America, Mister Terrific (Michael Holt), Obsidian, Power Girl, Sandman (Sanderson Hawkins), Stargirl, Starman, Superman (Earth-22), Wildcat (Ted Grant), Wildcat (Tom Bronson